Personalizing literacy empowers students to take ownership of their learning through voice, choice and meaningful interaction with text. As more schools are adopting a personalized literacy approach to teaching and learning, there is a growing need for resources and support necessary to guide your educators on the path to successful implementation and improved outcomes.

In order to encourage your personalized literacy trailblazers and provide additional support and planning guidelines, you’ll need to establish a clear approach to your strategy. This checklist will guide you and your leadership team through your personalized literacy planning journey, offering step-by-step actions and ideas necessary to effectively and smartly plan, set-up, implement and measure any personalized literacy initiative big or small. The checklist will guide you through:

  • Building support through planning and strategy
  • Establishing a clear approach to communication
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Providing professional learning development strategy for a supportive infrastructure
  • Beginning the initial implementation
  • Committing to the program and its technology
  • Measuring the results

From schools and districts who’ve already begun their implementation, to administrators on the cusp of researching the necessary first steps, it’s never too early or too late to check your initiative’s foundation. By testing your initiative against these critical best practices, the implementation will strengthen, providing the best personalized literacy opportunities to those involved.

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