Educators and district administrators alike know that structuring their approach to literacy education around student learning instead of test scores dramatically improves student engagement and literacy growth. An effective personalized literacy initiative will allow young readers to learn outside the bounds of their classroom, set their own pace with assignments, and discover a passion for reading not found in any other curriculum model.    
Making the instructional shift to a personalized literacy approach requires a strong vision, even stronger strategy, the right people, and the right planning tools to help structure your approach. Let’s not forget your desired outcomes as well!

The goal of this playbook is to provide the resources necessary for the leader of any district, large or small, to effectively plan a personalized initiative that will transform their literacy education. The playbook will guide you on ways to:  

  • Define your personalized literacy vision and goals
  • Build support in your school/district and community
  • Create a detailed plan
  • Prepare and develop your staff
  • Begin the implementation
  • Measure the results

There’s a big step between hearing about personalized literacy success through the education grapevine and actually putting that vision into practice. We hope you find this playbook to be a helpful, strategic resource that guides your journey!

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